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Hi all,

I recently bought a Singer 31sv52.  It's WWII era on an Army green base with motor.  I have removed the head and will store the base and motor for safekeeping.  I want to give the head a "home away from home," and I am watching the auctions/classifieds for an iron Singer treadle base that will pair well with it.  I have access to some thick cherry lumber, and am planning to make a custom top.  

Should I limit my search to industrial bases, or will the much more common domestic bases work fine for my project?  Anything in particular to look for (wheel size, base width, etc?)

front.jpg  military sewing cabinet.jpg 


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Having reconditioned a treadle 31 several years ago, I'd recommend that you try to find an industrial treadle base for it.  The 31's are somewhat larger than the usual domestics and an industrial base will fit the machine better.  Also, if you find pictures of a 31 in a treadle base, you'll see that the treadle is quite a ways from the drive wheel which means that the treadle is centered under the needle.  Makes it easier to sew.


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While an industrial treadle base would be best, there is a version of domestic White irons that will work width-wise, though it doesn't feel as sturdy to me.

I've used those irons for an industrial machine before. Here's what someone else did:

And here's a picture of what you'd be looking for (note the way the pedal is offset):

Pdx, OR
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