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Well... sort of?

After a very careful examination of the my recently acquired 1921 Singer 101 I've come to the realization that it's not all 100% there. I'm literally missing 3 cable ends.

I'll explain. The power cord comes from the wall plug to a 2-prong plug on the lower back of the cabinet. It plugs into a small connector there. On the other side of this connector is a dual set of wires that run up to the transfer box which is bolted to the side of the machine head. This double wire that goes between the machine and the cabinet should have four connectors. This one has one connector.

If I want to put this back right... I'll need to find three more. I don't 'have to' have them to make the machine work. I don't even 'have to' have them for the machine to appear original since almost no one will ever see it.... but if I can find the connectors... I'll put it all back the way it was built.

Here's a photo of one end of the 'correct' two connector wire set:


The connectors on the other end would have receiving ends.

I can even make it all 'appear' original if I could find three more of just the threaded barrels:

*seen here with needle plate screws and a spool pin for scale.

Thanks for looking. =)

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