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Mrs. D

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Donna Kohler's Singer 13, notched bobbin right, same as my Singer 12, .jpg  I have two Singer 12s, 1884 and 1886.  Both require notched bobbin (shown at the right).  Will you help me find 2 pcs. to 6 pcs.  Singer 12,c1886, ser 7,132,396.jpg Here's the bobbin winder showing pin and slot for a notched bobbin.

Thank you.

Mrs. D - Wisconsin

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For those of a mechanical inclination, the modern replacement long bobbins have pressed on ends. What I would do is get some of those, pull off one end, then put the shaft in a drill and take a file to spin it down to the diameter of the earlier notched bobbin. Then I would do the same the the other end, pushing the brass end back on each end in turn (I have re-spaced long bobbins this way as well). When done, you can use a Dremel cutoff disc to cut a groove in the bobbin end disc or use a needle file or hacksaw blade. 

If you can make one, you can make a hundred. I make my own White tubular bobbins and these notched type bobbins would be an easy project. 

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