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Jim had mentioned electric machines to me, the 101, and i remembered i had to place this info in here. I had published in ISMACS magazine the Deihl info on the motor and the platform.  He did bring it to the public, but the market couldn't all get it. The grids had many variations. I have found Deihl, Westinghouse, Edison types b,c and d, and one British motor. All motors went were the hand wheel was. The package had a brass case made by Singer. The platform had the control mounted on the underside of the table and activated by linkage to the treadle pedal. There were two controllers in 1886. One was small and was held on by a single spike that was centered in the middle of the device. Once it was on it could not be worked on. The second was in a large box on the back underside,same linkage to pedal, but more plates for range inside. Here is the patent plate for the VS2 for electric and the same stamp is on the IF models. is the patent date Oct 16th 86 for the electric platform ( engine case in brass, brass stop motion screw/set screw, actuator, long pitman, Regular treadle irons 1886 patent small logo, cabinets found were 3 drawer only but most likely 3,5and7, VS2 head mounted with rubber insulators.) The British variant has patent info in brass on tag mounted on back of motor cover. I have not found out how they were sold yet, but have not checked everything yet.

Deihl's engine was one of the available options and his patent comes in 1886 and is the first patented idea on record. He made this engine to power all sorts of things, but ceiling fan and sewing machine were most common. The Patent number is 350,668 for the motor patent. The drawing is not what the engines look like, but expanded example of the layers, as described in the patent.

The Controller is patent 351,167 for the first and have not found the second one yet, it might not be a US patent.

I currently posses an example of where both controllers were mounted and how with both machine found with the patent plate and insulation mounting.
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