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I've had this featherweight 222K for several years but have not used it much.  I originally purchased for the small free-arm for my shirt making.  Then things got on hold.  But now that I'm back to sewing and doing lots of shirts I thought I would get it set up and test against my favorite machine for this work - my Singer 101.

One of the big disadvantages for me with this machine is that it is a tabletop model and I hate to sew shirts with a machine not in a cabinet.  I don't like the fabric drag one gets when not sewing on a flat surface.  So I decided to see how it would fit in my featherweight card table.  It works!  Well, actually, it's not quite level with the surface but this can be adjusted. So I'm happy that it can be table mounted.

For shirt making, I don't need a machine with a really large harp space, and I don't need a super fast or powerful machine.  And I also don't need a large thread capacity for the bobbin. What I need is a machine that can sew a beautiful stitch very precisely and flat fell seams  and hem with my low shank attachments.  A free-arm is a big plus for those continuous underarm and side seams when flat felling (although I've been doing this on a flat bed - a free-arm makes it a lot easier) and doing cuffs, and curved collars.  Also, with the feeds easily lowered, I can do some small free motion work to customize the shirt yoke areas.

On my current project - so far everything is fine but my Singer 101 sews like butter and this machine is a bit like cheese!  The precision is there and it is so quiet, but the 222 just is a bit stiffer (although it is very well oiled and lubricated).  I'm thinking maybe the 101 has had a lot more use.  From my experience those very well used machines seem to sew better - maybe the gears and components work better after more use?

Anyway,  I'll keep using the 222 for a bit on my next several projects and maybe I'll use this machine just for shirt making so my 101 is free'd up for my other works.

See the 222 in my table and its gorgeous stitching - especially impressive when adjusted to a very tiny stitch length.
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