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I'm curious about sewing machine patents.

First, I assume the date we commonly see for a patent is the grant date, and not the application date -- is that right? So I assume the date on a slide plate will be the grant date, and in principle I should be able to search for all patents issued on that date, and somewhere in those results will be the the patent the manufacturer was referring to.

Second, what is the exact significance of a patent being listed on a slide plate? I used to think it was just a list of patents that were "included" in the machine, but does it necessarily include _all_ such patents? Or is it, for example, just patents for which license fees are being paid? (That would imply that patents owned by the manufacturer itself wouldn't be listed.)


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Yes, the patent dates are the dates issued.  
Yes, that is how I track down specific patents all the time.  (some date errors and spelling errors were maintained in both patents and in catalog titles FYI)
Yes, the patents listed are Generally the acknowledgment of use and an indication of licensing required.

Patents expire as well, so they will disappear over time.  

I cannot tell you how many times I have had to try to explain to folks that the OLDEST patent does NOT date the machine.  One of the first times it was for a machine being advertised as an 1846 machine because of the E. Howe Patent shown.....

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