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I picked up one of those cheap portable walking foot sewing machines a while back……it’s a REX 607.  Pretty much just like the Reliable Barracuda 200 , Consew 206, Sailrite Ultrafeed LS1, etc, etc….lots of different clones out there of the same machine.

Honestly, after a little oiling and basic adjustment it sews great…..but I think it would run a little smoother with some more fine adjustments.  One issue is the timing between the lower feed dog teeth, and the outer walking foot teeth.  When you run it slowly by hand, you can see that the lower feed dogs actually start moving a split second before the outer walking foot….and then at the end of the stroke the upper foot keep moving after the feet dogs have stopped… sews fine, but it’s just not right….and I think with some timing adjustment it could be.  You don’t notice it when you are sewing, but when you run it dry…you get a lot of clicking and grinding between the upper and lower teeth.

The second issue I have is that the center walking foot doesn’t lift off of the material like it should as it’s walking…it just stays down as the outer feet move back. The outside walking feet lift way up off of the material like they are supposed to. Sailrite has a video showing how to adjust the walking feet…and I’ve done everything they suggest, and it’s still not working properly.

Does anyone know anything about the advanced adjustments on these things? There are lots of cams/arms and other things to adjust…so I’m sure I can fix it, I just don’t want to start playing with things unless I know what they do.

Are there any videos, manuals, or web pages out there that go over EVERYTHING on these machines?  It would be nice to know what every cam, arm, and adjustment controls.



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Sorry I can't help. My Consew 206 and I took a banana peel slip down the porch steps a while back and I haven't had the courage to open it up and see the damage.


Olympia Washington
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