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My sister made an absolutely stunning purchase. Thirteen years of Needlecraft magazine beginning in 1910 - yeah - 1910 to 1923. She bought them, for-the-most-part, sight unseen. Last night the 39 pound box arrived and pandemonium ensued.

What she expected to arrive were about 150 plus issues. What came was even better. There were thirteen years worth -mostly- complete years with each issue in a mylar sleeve! - and the big surprise - was that there was often more than one copy of any particular issue; sometimes three copies. It's jaw dropping and a ton of fun to read through. Even some of the advertising is a hoot. Granted, there is a slight lean toward crochet patterns in the early issues... but still amazing to see Victorian era designs in print form.

Anyways, if anyone one else collects Needlecraft, here's the rub: She doesn't 'need' three issues of August 1919, and would certainly entertain any trades, esp of the years she doesn't have; say 1924 to 1962. She closed a huge gap in the collection, but there's still quite a ways to go yet. =)

Let me know if you have an interest.

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