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I have several New Homes, but only one has a motor mount boss on the pillar, and I could use some more measurements.

Does anyone already have, or could someone measure, the size and pitch of the screw that attaches a motor or hand crank to the pillar on a New Home?

I have a measurement, but it's... surprising. I get 1/4" (.239 actual) and 23 tpi. I'm very familiar with the fact that many older machines were made before screw sizes were standardized, but I don't think I've yet encountered one with an odd number of threads per inch.

And if you're getting out your micrometer or caliper to measure the screw, perhaps another favor as well? If you have the screw, you probably have a New Home hand crank or motor mount.  A careful measurement of the rib that fits into the slot on the pillar would be useful as well. It's tapered -- wider at the "base" -- so measurements at both the surface of the rib and its base would be useful. (I don't mean tapered along the length of the rib, but rather along its very short depth.)

By way of explanation: I'm trying to update some plans Bernie (from several lists -- don't think he's on VSS) sent me for an adapter that lets one mount a Singer hand crank on a New Home, and I want to verify some measurements before I try a prototype. My only sample is a New Ideal R from 1924.


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