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Early handles have a spring steel strap, wrapped in tissue paper, thick cardboard forning top ridge, with sewed faux leather covering. Stitches go top thru bottom on each side. Leather overlaps at bottom

The pictures below show before, tissue paper repair, pinning of leather, and completed handle.

Tissue paper gives the handle a comfortable feel. Clear school glue was used at start and finish when wrapping with 1" wide strips. Too much glue may make handle stiff.

The original thread was mostly rotted, it was pulled out with tweezers. Made a sharp awl for 0.047" music wire, used it to find and clear original stitch paths.

A strip of left-over leather from an automotive shifter boot project was pinned in place. Kitcarlson, is a nickname due to my kit car hobby. Pins were pulled one at a time as sewing progressed. Sewing was chain stitch, not being good enough to handle two threads, and needles, did one at a time. I got down to the end, had to figure the cuts and final stitches, see green paper. Overlap on bottom carefully trimmed

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Well now. Guess I'll stop wondering how to fix the handle on the one feather weight. I'm going to give this a go. I'll let you know what happens. Thank you!
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This looks like a lot of work but the result is worth all your efforts!  
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