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I have found very few sewing machine manuals prior to 1889, and dated manuals are even rarer.

I am particularly interested in manuals that explain attachments.

So far I have search through the Smithsonian and checked ISMACS and VSS largely without success.

Does anyone have any sources or actual manuals?

Richard in Australia

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I'm wondering if you are referring to Singer only, which of course were made my others such as Goodrich & Griest/Greist. 

I don't know if you have seen this page for Smithsonian scanned images at  Some 'Record Numbers' that might have something of interest are 539, 754, 755, 822, 870, 874.  The Wheeler & Wilson #8, I believe, would have been before 1889. There are probably others.

While it is not technically instructions or manuals, there is a pdf that on the bottom of page 15 starts a list of patents for attachments, I think, between 1842 and 1875.  There are some patents listed for presser foot patents at the bottom left of page 14.  On pages 23-24 there are some illustrations of Wilson attachment with instructions.


Janey & John
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