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I need to make space for my Grandmother's Pfaffs, so I have to let go of my Kenmore 117.959 and its cabinet.  It's a good solid machine but I don't use it and I need the space, so this machine is "free to a good home".  This machine is located in Santa Rosa, CA, and unfortunately I have no way to deliver it, so it's going to have to be a "you haul it" deal.


(Vintage dog is NOT included in the deal, sorry!)

These photos are from when I first got it - I've disposed of (or are keeping) most of the "stuff" that you see in that cabinet cubby (needle packs and such, not things FOR the machine) but the cabinet itself comes with the machine and it has the original manual. I have a set of feet for this machine that Macybaby very kindly sent to me - if this machine goes to someone here I'll include the feet; otherwise I'll keep them for another machine.

This machine works very well and has new bobbin tire and friction wheel on it.  The only thing wrong with it to my knowledge is that I could never get the clutch to let go, so as it sits the only way to wind a bobbin is to wind as you sew.

It has a nice long cord, knee lever to make it go.  Wiring is probably original but flexible and in good shape - shouldn't need any work.  The light works.

The cabinet is in decent but not great shape. The curved wooden shield that goes under the machine is not attached but I have it.  The machine sits in the cabinet slightly crooked, you can see that in the first pic.  That cubby area has a nice little lift-out tray that's in decent shape; the little built-in pincushion is pretty well wrecked though.  I can take more photos if anybody needs them.

Here's the kicker...I need it gone by the end of this month, but I'm going to be out of town for a week right before the deadline, so timing might be an issue.  If need be, it can probably be put on the porch and something arranged with my house sitter to allow it to be picked up.

If there aren't any takers by 4/29, I'm going to donate it back to the thrift shop where I originally bought it.  I could also stand to hang onto it for a couple extra days if someone definitely will take it.

Thanks for looking!

Happily stitching in Santa Rosa, California

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