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This was my first Singer 101 that I acquired with the plans to restore.  Then along the way I acquired two more - one in a cabinet that was pretty much set to go except for some deep cleaning and motor work.  The other one I just finished restoring.  

I was going to keep the 1926 machine for either parts or to restore.  I've come to see this is definitely a machine too good for a parts machine and could easily be restored.  Everything is complete - just need to be wired for a controller and power.  It is free moving and just some light corrosion on the metal bits - which I believe would clean up beautifully.  The lamp would need to be repaired or replaced.  The decals on the bed are worn - which is common and not unlike the 101 I use daily.  The top decals are in great shape.  The faceplate looks bent in the photo but it's only a reflection. I have not done anything with the machine - it was a Goodwill find.

It weighs 31.8 pounds plus whatever the packing would be.  I will pack very well to your specifications - usually double boxing, etc.

I don't need another Singer 101 project machine and now that I have two that run perfectly, it's time for someone else to take this one off my hands and have a fun project to gain a beautiful machine.

You will just need to pay for shipping to your location.  Please PM me with any questions.
I will donate the machine in a week if I don't get any responses.

Thank you for your interest!

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