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Mrs. D

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As promised, here are some photos on the home stretch--to finish Haystack 2 queen size quilt.  As of this morning, I still have 2 sides to finish hemming.

9 HS 2.jpg 

With the long arm quilting done, I unrolled the quilt to cut it loose from the frame.

3 HS 2.jpg 
6 HS 2.jpg

 10" squares (because that is the most economic cuts for 42"wide fabric).  

10 HS 2.jpg 

Above: I turned off the studio lights to take this photo.  As it represents the lightest 10" fabric square
best, which is a light mintier green with brown sketched dandelions.  I took a gamble using this light fabric--for the sake of contrast in both Haystack 1 & 2 quilts.
1 HS 2.jpg

 Backing Fabric: Small compact leaves cotton print.  I don't remember if it is Moda or Kaufman.  Nonetheless, it is very nice fabric.  I have enough of everything left to build a quilted 54" long body pillow to match the quilt.  

7 HS 2.jpg 
Chose a different leaves fabric for the binding.  (2.5" wide strip, folded in half to 1-1/4" with raw edge to the outside, stitched

Stayed with 3.5 default stitch width and default 2.0 stitch length because of all the layers. 

5 Layers: (backing 1 layer, plus cotton batting 1 layer, plus quilt top 1 layer, plus folded binding 2 layers). 

I included a strip of the gold leaves backing fabric in the border.  The other leaf fabric (photo center: burgundy and gold leaves 10" square) was the backing fabric for the Haystack 1 quilt.
Notet: 90/14 Schmetz Universal sewing machine needles in all my quilt projects.  When sewing purses I use 100/16 needles because of heavier fabrics, batting, and number of layers.  Changing needles every other day (about 16 hour intervals) without problem.  I clean the bobbin race (and deeper) once a day.  Almost choking to discover the build up of lint when I do this.  

I'm itching to get to the studio today to audition fabrics for the next quilt.  I didn't get a chance to bond with Sleep Until Noon quilt--it sold within days of finishing it. 

Next Plans:
20, red 10" squares left over from the Sleep Until Noon.  Jon loved that quilt.  All I have left are photos.  I am tempted to build another, with only a few fabric changes.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Below is a photo of Sleep Until Noon 1.

2 STN Finished.jpg 
Thank you for looking at my quilts and all the wonderful comments.  Your praise keeps me busting through my scraps and on schedule.  

Mrs. D - Wisconsin

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Wow, and this is with "sick" days in the last couple of weeks?  I would have been nonproductive!  Does Jon ever get lonely  and come visit you in that beautiful quilt studio?  ha ha!  You sure do have the work ethic, lady.  You are my hero.  I am 1 yr + 2 months into retirement and feel good about projects I've accomplished until I see how much you get done.  Whew!  You set the bar awfully high.  

Question of the day... do you buy a whole bolt of fabric at a time when you like it, or estimate how many yards you think you'll be using?  So far, I have only bought a couple of bolts, and that was during a going out of business sale.  Otherwise, I've bought by the yard or pre-cuts.  

from Minnesota

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As always, I think your quilts are breathtakingly beautiful.  You just have a real knack/talent for pulling all the “right” colors together.  No wonder they sell almost as fast as you can make them!!!  I am also very impressed with your drive.   You are a regular energizer bunny...go go go girl. Lol Lol Lol.

I hope you are feeling much better.

Near the WI/IL border
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