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Again, please forgive the mess. I really need to be able to see all of these at once and figure out where this collection is going. There are machines I really like, machines I've stumbled onto, and machines that have found me. I hope to be able to sort all this out and present a more select group as a collection. My tastes lately have been leaning toward the 'Dashboard' machines. I love the lines, the colors, and the fact that they often sew in a manner that isn't just straight ahead.


Rescued Morse 4200

067Morse3200.jpg  068BrotherSelectOmatic1.jpg  069BroFlairmatic1.jpg  070BroFlairmaticMom.jpg 

*not actually in my personal collection. It's Mom's, purchased new in 1961.


Pfaff 30 that needed a lot of help, and has all it needs now. $45 dollar CL purchase and it was a mess.


Pfaff 130-6 with coffee grinder. Acquired through a trade for a Singer Industrial.


Pfaff 130-6, no embriodery unit, almost unbelievable , a very unexpected gift.


Five dollar portable Universal model 302L.

Now maybe it's me... but after getting this far posting all these photos of sewing machines here in the house, I think perhaps a theme is beginning to emerge. Sure, I have the occasional out-layer in that on the bell curve of the collection there are a few odd machines that date back toward 1900. There's another small group around 1920-1940, as well as a one or two far more modern machines. However, the bulk of the group seem to center between 1948 to 1961. I had no idea that the majority of machines were from that era. I suppose it makes some kind of sense, very reasonable machines in today's market, colorful, more than one stitch, and mostly 15 bobbin machines with 15x needles - still easily available today. I suppose if I tossed them all together in a room... it might look a little like the cars at the drive-in theater circa 1959. Even the attachments and accessories are in colors other than black.

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