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So of course I have no idea where my original walking foot is. My record 930 is back up and running - it was just a capacitor after all - and I do want to use it for quilting. I don't know if the walking foot got lost in multiple moves or if I passed it on at some point in time. The guide is still in the accessory box but no foot.

Aside from going for a used one - although spending $100 on Ebay makes me cringe - have any of you used one of the generic feet that are for sale that supposedly fit the machine? I know an original is going to be the best but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Thank you so much!
Guy Montana

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Hello AK little Bird. If you take your 930 down to your local sewing machine shop as long as they are not a Bernina dealer they wont force you into the idea of a Bernina branded foot. There are walking feet that will fit it and possibly even some Bernina aftermarkets. But they will need your machine to make sure it all lines up correctly and then you can get one. We do it at our shop all the time. We just need the person’s machine to make sure the non branded walking foot or other assessory fits the machine correctly. Hope this helps!
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