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So I've been cycling through Elna Elnasuper's and SU's, trying to find a really nice one to keep and actually sew with. Between the two models I think I've had a total of 5 in the last year, and finally found an SU that should work nicely.

As I've been cleaning this one up I started comparing it to the other SU that I currently have, which has a broken cam gear and the ever-present frozen needle position selection wheel. The two machines were made 3 years apart, but there are some significant differences that I hope someone can shed a light on...

1973 SU front.jpg  1973 SU nameplate 1.0 amp.jpg 
1976 SU front.jpg  1976 SU nameplate 0.75 amp.jpg 
Item #1: The newer machine made in 1976 has a 0.75 amp motor. I'm wondering if all Elna 62C models made by that point had motors downgraded to 0.75amps. (I know not to be hung up on motor ratings, as I've had machines with burly-rated motors that didn't seem any more competent than old Singer 15-91's with 0.6 amp motors) Is it possible that Elna made the change because the newer, "lower power" motor was more efficient and worked just as well, or was from cost-cutting and a harbinger of the impending demise of Swiss production? The 5 or 6 of these Elna blue top machines that I've owned have all been on the slower side of actual stitching speed, much slower than my green Husqvarnas or 70's/80's vintage Berninas, but this newer .75 amp machine IS slower than the 1.0 amp motor on the handicapped machine from 1973.

Here's the thread lifter from the earlier machine:
1973 SU thread lifter.jpg   
Note that the thread lifter from 1976 is more like a bent wire. Anyone have a machine with one like this, or is this perhaps a replacement?
1976 SU thread lifter.jpg 
This wire design is strange - it has an open top that would allow you to snag the thread on without having to fit the thread through a hole, but the top cover doesn't really allow good access - so it's either a sloppy execution or a replacement.


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I have a few Elna 62C blue tops - supermatic and elnasuper.  And also an Elna flatbed 64C.  I just love these machines for their utility stitches and ability for decorative heirloom sewing. No other vintage machine that I am aware can do the type of stitches for utility and heirloom (think hemstitching) that the Elna can.

In addition, I have an Elna Golden Jubilee Carina, which has the same thread take up as your later SU.  I really like this style of lever - it makes it easier to thread.

I have not had to change out any of the two gears that are nylon and prone to cracking but am prepared to do this fix if I get a failure.  I think these machines are very under discussed among vintage sewing machines and also highly undervalued for their performance.  It's easy to pick up one for $50 or less.  I would be interested to know more of your experience with these models.  I've been fortunate in that all of mine are running to perfection - just needed some basic cleaning.
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