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A friend, a very lucky friend, found this charming and near-pristine Grover and Baker hand crank sewing machine at a thrift store.

It came with 30 needles, seven long bobbins, and “a couple of attachments.”

He found the date in a serial number base, but is having no luck at all locating a manual.

He has restored and refurbished old sewing machines for years now but had questions about threading the G&B bobbin.

Here is the bobbin and shuttle. Could someone tell and/or show me how we properly thread the shuttle?

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The Smithsonian might have one if you ask them. They might have not digitized the manual yet. There might be a cost, not sure though. This is the link to thier Grover and Baker collection of items and NMAH Archives Center. Warshaw. Box: 1 ; Folder 20 record 1099 is the one you want and Baker Sewing Machine Company

To me it sort of looks like my Gardner shuttle a bit. Try a light fabric, light thread and loop the thread into the but end first with gate closed, then open the gate and feed into the middle hole then close the gate and put the thread into the last hole towards the point. Then lastly feed the thread from the last hole into and out the main line hole in the top. Thread from that last long thin hole should be taken up above the bobbin plate to start sewing. I think that might work.

Edit : the gate is the little swing out tab on the tensioner in the shuttle.

  John Stuart

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There are no images of threading the shuttle, but the manual for the lockstitch Grover & Baker #9 can be found at

There is also this picture of a threaded shuttle.


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