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I have these needles. I posted about the find on QB, but didn't suggest they were for sale or anything that could have broken rules.

The reason I'm in general discussion instead of classified, is I don't know what I have and if it's worth anything. That is, I know the 339 and the 285 are fairly valuable as needles go. I sold a dozen of each to a renowned vendor who was pleased with the condition. They perform well in my Haid&Neu treadle. The rest: systems 88L, 690 and 705 (with a narrower flat on the shank than newer ones) I don't know anything about. I got them later, by the way, that's why they haven't been mentioned.

They are all stout needles. The slimmest are the 339 and 285, 1 mm, domestic stuff. The rest look more like cobbler needles to me, they are up to 1,5 mm. The 88L to is relatively slim @1,1 mm, and has this beautiful cutting point, looks like a leather needle to me.

I have quite a few of each, and will try to sell most - at least those interesting enough to fetch a price. But right now all I want is an opinion on the different needles if anyone knows anything. Will they be useful, and to whom, which trade, craft or machine(s) are they for, etc.

I also want to know if folks in here are interested. I will sell cheaper in here than outside in that case, but right now I don't have a clue what that means. When I do, I will post in classified in a orderly manner.

Kind folks have posted links to comparison tables and other resources, but I just don't understand them. And they don't say much about availability or value.

As you can see my display technique needs work, but I hope you can make out the numbers and sizes on the packages. Poke the images to expand them. Let me know if you need more info.


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